Life Pot

Below is a list of all the ingredients for the ●LIFE POT●. Collecting these will be given to you as an errand by Misery, while returning them all to her before a certain point in the game will reward you with the ●LIFE POT●.
Yamashita Farm. Speak with Yamashita, and he'll offer some ●CHAMOMILE●. Head to the right to find some.
Town Hall. Check the fireplace. If Kanpachi is nearby, he'll offer you some ●PRICKLY ASH BARK●. If Kanpachi is outside fishing, head down and speak with him after checking the fireplace, and he'll offer the ●PRICKLY ASH BARK● just the same.
Conduit. Climb down and to the left to find a flower that 'hasn't bloomed yet'. Take it anyway to find the ●ROSEHIPS●.