Machine Gun Ammo

Below is a list of all the ●MACHINE GUN● ammo you can find during the game. The ●MACHINE GUN● itself must be picked up from Balrog.
Core. After defeating both Genesis and Oblivion, you'll find yourself in the Core room. Head to the left to find Balrog, and talk with him to trade your ●FIREBALL● for the ●MACHINE GUN●. If you don't have the ●FIREBALL●, you will instead be able to trade the ●BUBBLER● or ●SNAKE●.
Pipeworks N, Save Room. Return here with the remote you can get from Malco in the Labyrinth, and open the shutter to reach this chest.
Sand Zone. After getting the ●MACHINE GUN●, head back to Sand Zone, and return to the Wine Cellar. Head to the left to find this chest on a platform between two broken pillars.
Abandoned Facility. Right before the boss of the area, there's a gap in the ceiling that you can fly into, followed by a series of death spikes. Carefully fly to the right to reach this chest.
Once-Sacred Ground. At the final section, just before the boss of the area, there is an inconspicuous breakable block near the ceiling, above the hanging platform. Break it with the ●MACHINE GUN●, and fly in to grab this chest.
Plantation. Head to the lower area where the pool of water is, and break through the block. Continue to the left to reach this chest. On the way back, head back to where the aforementioned pipe spat you out, then fall into the water next to it to find an escape pipe.
Rest Area. After the rocket platform is moved, head to the far left of the map to find this chest, free of charge.