NG+ Life Capsules

Below is a list of all the Life Capsules you can only get while playing 'New Game Plus' with a profile that has missed some capsules in the original game.

If you cannot find a capsule listed below, it's likely that you already picked up 'that capsule' in the original Cave Story.
Start Point?. After looping down and heading to the right, it's out in the open on the hanging platform. Can't miss it.
Yamashita Farm. Head to the far right to find it hanging near the ceiling.
Pipeworks E. At the very top of the room, on the platform above the door leading to Pipeworks N.
Grasstown. After turning on the main generator, climb up above the Teleporter Room, and head to the right. After you reach the area above the Generator Room, head back to the left, underneath one of the hanging platforms. It will be found hanging underneath.
Eroding Valve. After you get the ●BOOSTER v0.8●, head back to the valve, and head to the left. Watch where the Rollings enter the ceiling, and fly up after them into the top part of the map. Continue to the right behind the Rolling to find this capsule.
Sand Zone. After reaching the 'Booster' teleporter, you can see it underneath. Simply jump in through the wall from the hanging platform nearby.
Labyrinth Shop. You can find it on the second floor of the building, sitting out in the open.
Abandoned Facility. In the area under the first Save Disk, there will be a console that requires defeating all nearby enemies. Fly up to the ceiling above this console to find a hanging platform, where this capsule is hiding.
Egg Corridor (Back). After first entering the backside of the Egg Corridor, head all the way to the left.
Plantation. On the third floor, there is a gap in the ground, adorned with caution signs and two horizontal Press enemies. Fall down the middle past the first press, then boost to the wall on the right. This capsule can be found hiding inside the wall.
Balcony. Climb up the side of the tower on the far right of the map, and find this capsule near the top.