Missile Launcher Ammo

Below is a list of all the ●MISSLE LAUNCHER● ammo you can find during the game. The ●MISSILE LAUNCHER● itself will be picked up when opening any of these chests.
Sand Zone. After entering the area for the first time and proceeding to the right, it can be seen hanging overhead. Fall down the false floor and climb back up from the left to reach this chest.
Sand Zone. After getting the ●BOOSTER v0.8●, head to the left of the 'Gaudi' teleporter to where the map begins to shift downward, and fly up to reach this chest.
Labyrinth W. During the central maze that shifts between Labyrinth M and Labyrinth W, climb on top of the eye block in the Labyrinth W part. Break the block on the right, then climb up and back to the left, breaking blocks as you go. You will find this chest on the far left of the map.
Labyrinth S, Save Room. After receiving the Remote from Malco, enter the Save Room from the upper door to reach this shutter. Open it to find this chest.
Mimiga Village. After returning from the Labyrinth, head straight down from the First Cave door. This chest can be seen hanging in a previously unreachable spot.
Grasstown. After returning from the Labyrinth, return to Grasstown. Fly straight up from the entrance to find this chest.
Abandoned Facility. Complete the loop around the lower-right area to find this chest, free of charge. If you want to get it earlier, climb into the gap above the Platform Console, and use the ●MISSILE LAUNCHER● to pass the breakable blocks.
Egg Corridor (Back). Before the Egg Observation Room? on the backside, there is a gap in the ceiling. Compete with the Basil to reach the next gap, and continue to the end of the area to reach this chest.
Chimney. After both Genesis and Oblivion are defeated, fly up the chimney using the rocket platform that appeared. Climb up the left, and fall down the right to reach this chest.