Oblivion's Facility


Enter the gap in the lower-right of Mimiga Village to reach the Conduit. From here, you can drop down a few platforms to reach a new area, the Abandoned Facility.

Abandoned Facility

Fall down to the two consoles below the entrance. The console with a bright blue screen will open the shutter on the right, while the console with a black screen provides a journal with some information about the area, and what its purpose once was.

To the right, use another console to drop an overhanging platform. Use this to reach the next floor, where a third console will open the shutter to the upper area at the cost of closing the shutter behind you. Continue forward from here to reach a console to turn some fans on, and jump across a large bed of acid to the far right of the map.

Continue down to the bottom corner, and defeat all the killer robot enemies to allow use of another console, which will open a pair of shutters leading back to the start. From here you can continue up to the top half of the map, down a hallway full of spikes and acid, and to a final console that will activate some fans to reach the very top of the map.

If you're using the ●BOOSTER v0.8●, do a full jump into these fans, and then boost upward at the apex of your jump to reach the gap at the top. Continue to the right to reach...

BOSS: Deconstructor MK.2

Deconstructor will bust into the room from the right and try to run you over. After traveling back and forth a few times, its front panel will open and it will shoot at you from four red lights surrounding its face. Attack these lights until they're destroyed.

After all four lights are destroyed, you can attack Deconstructor itself. When its panel opens it will instead shoot several homing missiles into the surrounding area, capable of passing through walls and catching you off guard.

Be wary of the swirling attacks coming from the left and right sides of the screen during the fight. It's very easy to be overwhelmed, but they shoot at you in a distinct pattern of time.

The strategy for this fight: Try to pass Deconstructor in such a way that its final turn is near the left or right side of the room, but not so far as to be unable to attack it. Get in close and fire a few shots at its lights, then retreat when they all begin actively shooting at you, using the opposite side of the room to avoid the shots vertically.

During the second phase of the fight, stay in front of its panel and attack it as best you can while avoiding the swirling shots from the sides. Try to have it stop in the dead center of the room, and the swirling shots won't be able to spawn to attack you.

After the fight, continue to the right until you reach the next area.


The camera itself will lag behind you a bit, and many of the enemies in this area spawn off-screen while you travel. Take it slow to avoid getting overwhelmed, and let the camera catch up to you to see where the enemies are.

If you happen to fall off any of the platforms, you'll instead fall back down from the top of the map. The camera will still have trouble keeping up with you, and you're liable to get hurt by something you didn't see.

At the far right of the map, there will be a preparation room. Head further right to reach...


During the fight, you will be suspended in the air and able to move around in any direction.

Oblivion will suddenly appear, surrounded by several hands. Its eye is the obvious target, but its hands will try to provide cover for it, and will need to be pushed out of the way to reach it.

Oblivion's hands will also shoot spinning shots in groups of two at a random angle on either side of you. Oblivion itself may also shoot wriggling worms of energy straight towards you, but these can be destroyed for health and experience. Several floating blocks will also float up from the bottom right to the top left of the screen.

The strategy for this fight: Stay about a third of the way on the left side of the screen. This will keep Oblivion at a good distance, and let you attack it while still giving you room to dodge its attacks. If you don't have a long-range weapon, you'll need to get close to it when the eye opens, but fortunately the hands and body itself don't actually hurt you, only the blocks and projectiles.

After Oblivion is defeated, you can head to the next area, The Aqueduct. If you've defeated Genesis already, you're ready to deal with The Aftermath.