Labyrinth's Labyrinth

Old Clinic

After waking up from previous events, speak with the blue robot to give yourself a better idea of where you are and what to do. Head outside.

Labyrinth W

Head to the right and speak with the small cat. He'll force you into looking for sone ●CRITTER JUICE●, to power his machine. You'll need to find some anyway, in order to leave the Labyrinth.

Backtrack to the Old Clinic, and instead fall down the gap and to the right. Be wary of the moving blocks, getting crushed by one is fatal.

Labyrinth S

Head to the far right, then straight up. You can enter a pit-stop after the corner on the right, but your destination is the top right corner of the map.

Labyrinth W

Head to the right, and enter the building.

Labyrinth Shop

Head to the right and talk to Chaba, the Gaudi behind the counter. He'll give you a key to a new area back in Labyrinth S. After the conversation, you can head to the top floor of the building to check the teleporter for another data card, and you're able to use the computer to talk with Sue, and an old friend.

Labyrinth W

Speak with the Cthulhu on the right a few times to receive a hint for the upcoming puzzle area. Afterward, head back to the left and return to Labyrinth S.

Labyrinth S

Head to back to the bottom, and to the left. Fall down under the blocks, and carefully jump across to the door on the bottom left.

Labyrinth M

This area is a maze. The left and right doors loop you around a short segment, and back to the same room in Labyrinth M. The lower door seems to go elsewhere, at random.

The solution is as follows: Looping once to the right will continue forward to the next part of Labyrinth S. Looping to the left will instead lead to a dead-end. Looping a second time in either direction, or backwards a step, will lead back to the bottom of Labyrinth S, where you started.

Labyrinth S (Top)

After you find your way forward, you'll enter from the upper left of Labyrinth S instead. Head to the lower right to find a pit-stop, and the upper right to find a door leading back into the maze...

Labyrinth M

The final part of the riddle. What could it mean?

The solution is as follows: Go back into the door you just came from. The other two doors loop back to Labyrinth S or W.

Labyrinth C

In this area, head to the right and follow any path you like to the top corner, and then back to the left. You'll reach a large room, and the boss of this area.

BOSS: Great White Critter

Your target in this fight is the Great White Critter itself. It will hop towards you, causing small dark green critters to fall from the ceiling every time it lands.

Suto will join the critter in this fight, but you can't hurt him. He will grab you on contact, and attempt to throw you INTO the Great White Critter, so try to avoid contact with him.

If you get behind the Great White Critter, it will turn around and begin spitting projectiles at you. When it does so, it becomes vulnerable for a counter-attack, so use this as a chance to strike!

After it turns around three times, it will jump very high in the air, and down will drop several small, and a few larger critters. The pattern will then repeat.

The strategy for this fight: Wait for Suto to begin to approach you, then jump over both him and the Great White Critter. Attack with whatever weapons you have available, but be aware that it closes its mouth slightly faster if struck by the ●MISSILE LAUNCHER●. The ●BUBBLER● is a very useful weapon during the fight at Lv3, since it's capable of simultaneously blocking shots and dealing damage by holding the button.

A chest containing some ●CRITTER JUICE● will fall from the ceiling. Backtrack through the maze until you reach the lower half of Labyrinth S, then return to Labyrinth W.

Labyrinth W

Return to the small cat on the right, and give him the ●CRITTER JUICE●. Head to the right, and his large machine will whirr to life.

Hop on top of the right set of treads on the machine, and ride it across the large bed of death spikes you couldn't cross before. Afterwards, continue all the way to the right to reach the final stretch of the Labyrinth.


Make your way down the map, taking care in dealing with the Armoured Gaudi as you go. Once you reach the bottom, you'll find a large room with a chest, containing the ●ENERGY CELL● Booster wanted! Oh, look, a boss.

BOSS: Gaudskateers

Four large, armoured Gaudi will attack from either side. Only one of these Gaudi will take damage at a time, and it's difficult to pinpoint which one it is while they hop and shuffle about during the fight.

After one of them goes down, another of the three will become vulnerable. Figure out which one it is, defeat it, and repeat for the last two.

The strategy for this fight: The one on the far left is the first one to be vulnerable. Regardless, your best bet is to try to lure them all to one side of the arena, then spend the fight leaping and flying over them all as they get close. This is another fight where the Lv3 ●BUBBLER● is extremely effective, both defensively and offensively, if you get close. Try to keep an eye on the life bar, to see which Gaudi moves it, then break out the ●MISSILE LAUNCHER● when you get a clear shot at them.

After defeating them all, head to the right and enter a small door. You'll come across a familiar cave, where you can return to the Mimiga Village.

Mimiga Village

Head to the Town Hall to meet with Curly, and she'll give you her ●AIR TANK●, allowing you to stay underwater as long as you want. Speak with Sue too, and she'll get the teleporters functioning for you to return to Grasstown and Sand Zone.

Your next goal is challenging and defeating Genesis and Oblivion. There are two areas you can tackle to reach them in: The Aqueduct, and The Abandoned Facility.