Beginning Anew

Start Point?

Hop into the gap in the wall on the left, fall down, and make your way to the right. Continue to the right to find a chest containing the ●SNAKE●, the first available weapon.

Climb up the hanging platforms to the upper right, then along the top of the map to the door above where you started.

First Cave

You won't be able to go to the door on the right without a weapon capable of breaking the star blocks. Instead, head to the left and continue down to the bottom of the map.

Follow the bottom of the map to the right to reach a new door. If you're playing a NG+ profile without the ●SPUR CAPSULE●, the door will be locked. Instead, climb up to the floor above and walk to the corner on the right. You'll fall down into a little alcove in the wall, and can enter through the open grate.

Hermit Gunsmith

A 'Crow' enemy, which will become more common later in the game, will be guarding the chest across the room. If you picked up the ●SNAKE●, dispatching it should be fairly straightforward, as it won't attack until harmed and becomes stunned momentarily when attacked. If you didn't pick up the ●SNAKE●, simply jump over or walk under it.

The chest across the room will contain the ●POLAR STAR●, a weapon capable of destroying the star blocks from earlier.

If you're playing a NG+ profile without the ●SPUR CAPSULE●, the Crow won't appear until after picking up the ●POLAR STAR●, but it will act hostile towards you immediately upon spawning. You will have to defeat it in order to exit the room.

First Cave

Climb up a floor and head to the left to reach a pool of water. Break the star blocks on the opposite side to reach the previous route leading back to the Start Point.

Break through the star blocks to the right of the Start Point by using the ●POLAR STAR●, and enter the door to reach the Mimiga Village.