Head all the way to the right. The house from earlier will serve as a Save Room. You can also climb up the side of the palace on the far right to find some hearts and several Experience Capsules, if you need them. When you're ready, enter the palace.

Throne Room

Walk to the right to find Quote.

BOSS: Red Quote

Quote will fly around and shoot orbs of energy in your direction before teleporting around. If he teleports far enough away from you, three floating orbs will float at his height and shoot lightning below them if you pass under them.

As Quote takes damage, shield-like rings will spawn around him between teleports. They will turn into red bats and fly towards you when he teleports away again.

The strategy for this fight: You can walk or jump to avoid the flickering orbs Quote shoots at you, and safely walk or fly under the lightning bolt orbs before the lightning can actually hit you, as long as you keep moving. When he puts his ring shields up, you'll have to time your attacks accordingly, or jump inside the circle of rings and attack at close range.

After the fight, a final Save Disk and Healing Station will appear. Head to the right to enter the final stage of the game.

Arcadia F1

When you enter the room, your weapon levels will fall to 1 again. Falling blocks will rain down from the ceiling here, and deal a lot of damage if they land on you. There are also several Experience Capsules in this room. It is difficult, but worth the effort, to collect what you can.

At the end of the room the blocks will stop falling, and you can fly up into the ceiling to reach the second area.

Arcadia F2

Head to the left. Butes will spawn from grates in the ceiling and floor as your travel, and Deleet enemies will block your path forward. At the end of the room you'll be assaulted by a large army of Butes as you wait for the final two Deleets to detonate.

Arcadia F3

Climb up, doing your best to avoid arrows and thrown blocks. There will be more Experience capsules in this room to collect, if you need them. At the very top is a boss.

BOSS: Twin Ogres

Both enemies will behave the same as the White Devil, but at differing intervals. It's much more difficult to avoid harm, but there will be gaps between their attacks that you can use to your advantage. Both ogres will need to be defeated to proceed.

The strategy for this fight: Both sets of attacks come at roughly the same time, so you can treat this fight the same as the White Devil. Attack whichever one you want, and once one of them is defeated the battle is as good as won.

A platform will appear in the middle of the room, letting you enter the final door.


Head to the right...

BOSS: The Doctor

The Doctor will throw a pair of orbiting balls of energy at you, then teleport away. After roughly four of these, he'll instead spawn in the air and fire a blast of energy in all directions.

All his energy shots, and his red crystal, will block your attacks. You'll have to get close to him to deal any major damage.

BOSS: Doctor's Wrath

In his hulking form the doctor will charge towards you, then up or downwards, then towards you, before finally charging down or up into the floor or ceiling. If he hits the ceiling, pieces of tile will rain down on either side of him. If he hits the floor, shockwaves and tiles will travel along the floor on either side of him until they reach the walls.

After several attempts at attacking you this way, he'll instead float into the air and rain lightning down onto you. Step out of the way as the cursor comes to a halt to avoid these bolts of lightning, and stay between cursors when he sweeps the screen with them.

The strategy for these fights: In the first fight, use the floating crystal as a guide to where The Doctor has teleported to. Follow it and try to get behind him before he attacks, then hit him from behind before he can teleport away. If he sends orbs of energy in all directions, stand directly below him to avoid taking damage.

During the second fight, The Doctor won't charge towards you until he takes some damage, so use this to your advantage in avoiding the shockwaves or stray tiles. When he begins raining lightning on your head, keep moving in one direction until it strikes, then either turn around or keep moving to avoid the next one.

He'll finally go down, but it's not over yet...


During the fight, you will be suspended in the air and able to move around in any direction.

Tristitia will circle around the map, accompanied with bat-like enemies at the top and bottom of the area. Your targets in the first half of the fight are the face-like balls that rotate around the boss. When enough damage is done, the face will dim, and defeating all eight of them will cause the boss to come to a stop in the middle of the room.

Tristitia will be now be accompanied by small spiked eyes rotating around an outer layer, and it will summon several Butes to swarm around the room and try to shoot you down. In this half of the fight, your target is Tristitia itself. Once the health bar depletes, it's game over.

The strategy for this fight: During the first half, fly opposite Tristitia to avoid taking damage. When it sweeps the room horizontally, there will be enough of a gap between it and the bats to let you squeeze past it. Be aware that you will turn around automatically as you cross certain points on the map.

During the second half, try to stay just outside the outer circle of spiked eyes, and destroy the active faced balls to clear a direct line of fire to the boss itself. Staying low will help in avoiding contact with the Butes or their arrows from either side.