Another Story


You will now be playing as Curly. After a brief cutscene with Kasuma and Booster, Balrog will give you the weapon you left with him as Quote.

Use the teleporter. You will no longer be able to head to the Balcony, but for now, head to Sand Zone.

Sand Zone?

Sand Zone will have drastically changed. Head under the teleporter to find an Experience Capsule to level up your current weapon, then Head to the right through a series of challenges until you reach Misery's Abode.

Misery's Abode?

Continue to the right.

BOSS: Draco Misery

Misery will leap and dash around in a slow, powerful manner. After a few leaps and dashes, she'll teleport away and reappear above you in an attempt to stomp you.

After a few teleports, she'll summon a large stream of red bats. Slay them as quickly as possible, since they will bounce around the room at high speeds and become difficult to avoid.

When she's finally defeated, a path on the right will open, allowing you to enter the rest of Sand Zone.

Sand Zone?

Jumping will become more challenging, and it will be a long way until the next Save Point. Climb up and head to the left until you reach a fall downwards. There will be a large bed of sand with a Skeleton enemy hopping around. This bed of sand, and several other patches of sand, will all contain Sand Crocs, and you'll have to run and jump constantly to avoid them all.

Next is a series of pillars and breakable blocks. If the weapon you have lets you break these blocks, use it to your advantage as a shortcut past this section. Be wary of the beds of sand towards the end of this area, as well.

After the pillar section, there is a Save Disk on the lower path to the right. Continue up and around on the upper path, which will arch down into a series of sand beds full of even more Sand Crocs, and several walking skull enemies. If your weapon is the ●FIREBALL●, it can be very useful in defeating these enemies without having to challenge the Sand Crocs until the path is clear.

At the end of these beds of sand, head up and back to the left. Here you'll finally reach Jenka's House.

Jenka's House

Check the sparkling patch on the floor to retrieve Quote's inventory, including his ●BOOSTER v2.0●. Open the menu to equip it.

Sand Zone?

Head back to the right. The Sun Stones near Misery's Abode will open, and you'll be able to fly up and leave the area without much more trouble. There will be several Experience Capsules to the right, if you want to level up any of Quote's weapons.

After reaching the Teleporter out of Sand Zone, head to the Observatory again, and return to Plantation.


Head to the left until you reach the Rest Area. Booster and Itoh will be outside with a rocket platform set up for you. Hop onto it and use it to travel most of the way up Plantation. You'll have to climb the rest of the way towards the top, but it's functionally the same as the first time you did it.

Last Cave (Hidden)

The Last Cave will have been altered to be even more difficult than before. The same rules apply as last time, with the addition of stricter flight and fewer Experience Capsules along the way.

When you reach the top, be wary of your surroundings in the final room. The red critters on the floor will distract you from several Press enemies that line the ceiling slightly off screen. Carefully make your way to the door to reach The Finale.