The Teleporter Maze

The Underside

After the fall, you'll crash into a platform and drop your weapons.

Carefully make your way to the right. When you reach a gap too large to cross, some platforms will appear! Cross the gaps and make your way to a small room, containing the ●FIREBALL●.

Pick up the ●FIREBALL● and the room's exit will open. Continue carefully to the right to find some moving blocks, and additional pathways and platforms opening as you approach them. Eventually, you'll reach a door surrounded in sand...

Eroding Valve

Make your way up any path you like. Keep an eye out for the rolling metal enemies and the paths they take, as they inflict a rather hefty amount of damage on contact.

Sand Zone

Head far to the right and climb up and back to the left. You'll find a door with a picture of a wine glass next to it. Inside, you'll run into Jenka's Puppies here. They'll leave and begin operating some teleporters around Sand Zone, allowing you to navigate the map. Inside the chest is a Dog Whistle, which can be used to reset all of the teleporters if you get lost.

Speak with Cthulhu a few times for a few hints about navigating Sand Zone. You can feed a puppy to have it change where the teleporter points to, letting you visit two other locations.

There are three other locations around the outer reaches of Sand Zone, and these are your eventual destinations. Messing with the teleporters will eventually bring you to one of them, so it's important to keep Cthulhu's hints in mind...

The solution is as follows: Set two teleporters to one another, then take the third to reach a new location. So at the start, set 'Mimiga' and 'Gaudi' to one another, then drop down the pit at the bottom and feed the puppy to reactivate the 'Flower' teleporter.

After solving the puzzle, you'll reach a teleporter entitled 'Booster'. From here, head to the right to reach a small workshop.


Nobody's home. On the table in the middle is a ●BOOSTER v0.8●, which will allow you to fly around, and opens up new possibilities in the central teleporter puzzle.

You can also find various notes about the floating island and the state it's in, around the workshop. The blackboard will also help with better understanding how the teleporters in Sand Zone work.

Sand Zone

With the ●BOOSTER v0.8● available, you can set 'Mimiga' to 'Flower' and take 'Gaudi', which will allow you to reach another external teleporter entitled 'Misery'.

From this destination, head all the way to the right. Be wary of the flat patches of sand, as most of them will contain Sand Croc enemies.

Misery's Abode

Misery will greet you, and Booster as well. You will be told about what has been going on, and given an idea of what you can do to help. Booster needs a special ●ENERGY CELL● from the Labyrinth to finish his ●BOOSTER v2.0● for you, and Misery will clear the Sun Stones from your path. She'll simply tell you the solution to the final external destination.

Sand Zone

With the sun stones to the right of the 'Gaudi' teleporter now opened, you're able to reach the 'Mimiga' teleporter from there. Falling down past the sun stones, however, will lock you inside. Head to the right...

BOSS: Deconstructor

Deconstructor will float up and down on the right side of the room, making it rather difficult to hit it, depending on your available weapons. After a few moments, it will shoot a barrage of drills at you.

There are also several smaller enemies that will bounce around the room. Try to avoid attacking these enemies, as there are three 'fakes' that will summon even more of them to attack you, when hurt.

The strategy for this fight: If you have the ●MISSILE LAUNCHER●, wait for Deconstructor to steady out a bit before unloading missiles at its face. If you run out, or if you're limited to only the ●FIREBALL●, you'll have to jump up and fall back down to force it to bob in such a way that you can bounce a fireball down towards it. You could also attack the swarms of smaller enemies for extra missiles, but it's very risky if you get assaulted by one of the 'fakes'...

Once Deconstructor is destroyed, mess with the teleporters some more to reach the last destination, 'Labyrinth'. From here, climb up to the door. You'll run into Balrog, and together you'll reach The Labyrinth.