About "New Game Plus"

"New Game Plus", referred to as "NG+" in certain parts of this walkthrough, is a special way of playing through Jenka's Nightmare. It can be used to acquire new weapons and items, depending on your actions while playing through the original Cave Story.

To access NG+, you must first finish Cave Story through the "True" ending, by reaching the Sacred Grounds. If you save your game in the "Prefab House" before this location, you'll be able to enter NG+ by copying your Profile.dat into the same folder as Jenka's Nightmare. After Loading the game from Jenka's Nightmare, proceed with the game as normal.

Various weapons in your possession will be turned into special capsules, which can be opened by NPCs as the game goes on. Various items can also be carried over, although some may require having completed special events first.

Health upgrades carry over depending on how many were collected, and which ones you got. When starting the game, the following formula will be applied to the health you start with:

1 + [Number of Health Capsules Collected Found in Cave Story]

There are 11 Life Capsules in the original Cave Story, which will yield a total of 12 health, if you collected them all. If you missed any Life Capsules in the original game, they can be collected somewhere in Jenka's Nightmare instead. Doing so will give you a greater advantage towards the end of the game, at the risk of starting Jenka's Nightmare with only 1 HP.

Lastly, your relationship with the Hermit Gunsmith will differ depending on whether or not you returned his Polar Star in the original game. If you didn't, his attitude may be very cold and untrusting...